Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sarah Palin is a Bitch… there I said it.

[Warning: The title of this article is a restatement of article which I link to, it is not my exct sentiments towards Sarah Palin, "Bitch" does not score a ranking my vocabulary, because of my ingrained respect for women. I use this title only because another elderly woman used it in her description of Mrs. Palin and it struck a chord, is this really what people think of her? So please do not take offense by the title. Thank you]

Hey guys I know I have been MIA for a while now, but I apologize, I've just been caught up in a bunch of things. Anyways I'm still a lil busy but I decided to just drop something for u guys to whet ur reading appetites with.

I have been intently (Ok I lie, it has been getting too annoying to follow intently, but sha I have been following it) following the United States Presidential race and boy do I have stuff to say about that, but campaigns aside the presidential, vice presidential debates and interviews have been big time spotlight stealers..lol. And amongst these events, Sarah Palin has been the spotlight queen. She came into this race with spotlight all over her, she even overshadowed McCain at some point sef, anyways that died down and then the McCain camp realized they had made such a political blunder hence they decided to shield this woman from the press, but y'all know how beauty queens can be, (she was one) they itch for the spotlight, so when she got her chance with an interview with Katie Couric (One of the top 50 most powerful women in America) she took it, the result??? Pandora's Box -- she displayed her incompetence and daftness to the world, don't take my word for it, just look it up on Saturday Night Live (SNL) it is as accurate as the actual interview, at some point even word for word answers. Her performance at the Vice Presidential debates was no better, I call it a case of adaptive stupidity. After the Katie Couric interview she figured she could not answer questions posed to her so at the debates she just decided to ask herself her own questions and answer them using the soundbites her advisers and 3rd grade students from Alaska had fed her with in the debate prep. It surprises me that people actual had the nerve to say she did good, gosh it was like asking someone 2 multiplied by 2 and the person responds correctly to 1+1+1, that clearly shows incompetence at understanding a problem and how can one perform when they don't understand their responsibilities???? You can check that one out on SNL as well. She is slowly destroying the perception of the competence of women worldwide now, she needs to be stopped. Haba, the Republicans have finally succeeded in making George Bush look smart. As Diddy would say, this is a complete case of Bitchassness..lol

I have written more than I intended to, anyways you just check this link out: SARAH PALIN'S BITCHASSNESS

Monday, September 15, 2008

Cheating and the man/woman

[Warning: Very Long Post Alert]

I am writing this post as a response to some of the issues Buttercup raised in her post "C-Word" (please check it out if u haven't read it yet).

So first and foremost I wud like to say men are NATURALLY NON-CHEATERS, some just get rewired by society. Are u wailing already??? Well from the first time men develop feelings for women, there is not one iota of cheating in their system. Before you crucify me any further, picture that 5-yr old boy in school who sets his eyes on that beautiful damsel in his class, he is literally lovestruck. Yep! that is where it all begins. Probably 99% of you reading this had this experience. (male to female or vice versa) That young lad tries all the plays he has in his playbook to get this damsel to notice him, eventually she does and they become that hot couple, holding hands, sharing snacks and all that stuff. As you all might/should know, we don't live in a vaccuum, so definitely this young hot couple are going have friends. If the guy is that fine cute type, he is probably gonna have the other girls in school trippin' 4 him, and despite the fact that he wud interact with these girls, his eyes is still very much set on his damsel. You will never find him trying to play his damsel and some other chic on the same level. Now fast forward about 13 yrs. Our young lad (Ebunoluwa) has turned out to be a handsome teenager, he has come to realize that the real world ain't like what he enjoyed in primary school. He now understands that his family is polygamous, and being his inquisitive self he decides to ask his dad why he (his father) chose to be a polygamist. The following conversation ensues:

Ebun: Dad u know I really love this family

Father: ehen

Son: But I've had this question that has been bugging me for as long as I can remember...

Father: Will you stop beating around the bush and  ask your question, I don't have all day

Son: Ok, (takes a deep breath) I was just wondering why you decided to be a polygamist? (**sigh of relief**)

Father: Sonny boy, that is a  complex question. What you must know first is that it is not easy to love 2 or more women equally as your wives.  Growing up in the 40s our society was very patriachical, so to have a male child was like a gift from God. When I married your mother, we tried and tried to have a child but to no avail. Then the naivity of my patriachical upbringing started kicking in, I wanted a child, a male child. Growing up, I lived the stupid philandering lifestyle with my friends with the belief that it was ok to maintain two intimate relationships with unsuspecting women (what ur generation wud call cheating) because some of our parents had 2 wives, yet we were clever enough to keep our affairs secret from the women at least until they found out. Anyways with this in mind and the constant pressure from my family, I sought to find a second wife that wud bear a male child for me, all this I did without your mother's knowledge. Eventually I confronted your mother with the situation, and she was taken aback, but God bless her heart she stayed with me nonetheless. Those were trying times for us, because I found it so hard to love ur mother the way I did when we started out and still chase another woman. Not long after I took a second wife, your mother got pregnant with you, you were truly God's gift to this family hence ur name Ebunoluwa.  Months after, your step-mother became pregnant with ur lil' sister and from there the rest is history.

Ebun: But da..

Father: I tell you this story because I want you to know that my being a polygamist was not necessarily a decision I wanted to make, but one that society forced me to make. But ur generation, you have a way of fighting back at society where it seems to be getting it all wrong so hopefully noone wud have to force your hands. I know I was selfish and instead of standing by your mother through thick and thin like I promised, I bailed under pressure. She forgave me, please find it in your own heart to forgive me.

Ebun: There is nothing to forgive, like I said earlier, I love this family and always will. I cannot hold anything against you, if anything your experience brought me into this loving family

I tell this story to shed light on the fact that polygamy is no excuse for the cheating men we have in our society today, as "D" the guy in buttercup's story claims. Polygamy grew out of a heavily patriachical society seeking male children, some men saw it as an means of masking their insecure and insatiable sexual appetite, and have tried to paint it as natural to our African-ness. And though our societies might still be a bit patriachical, I believe we have come to realise that woman is not equal to weakness, and not just a vending machine for babies.

The next question that comes to mind is that "well not all men use polygamy as an excuse, yet some of these men still cheat, what do u have to say about that?" Well my answer is simple and very twisted at the same time... here it goes..."Sex happened." Again I'll speak from the African/Nigerian perspective plainly because if I chose to also tackle the western perspective this post wud not end. So anyways, back to our patriachical society. Women were looked upon as objects for a man's satisfication, as a result you found men trying to exploit any woman their power and influence could conquer, forcefully or otherwise...Perversion "started" and the beast of sex was unleashed. As we developed, some men had to work to satisfy that beast, they started spending money, spittin game sugar coated with lies just to get a woman to open her legs. (some did other disturbing things too, but that is not what this post is about so I'll save it 4 anoda day.) Let me just say that sex is not a bad thing oo, neither was it an experience that only benefited the man. Anyways with time, women came to realize that they had something the men wanted, and so came the use of the female sexuality as a way to garner some "authority" in the male dominated society. But some men became like a drug addict hooked on crack, whose dealer starts to hold back and do "shakara" (frontin'), thus prompting the drug addict to find the next best dealer who enjoys the benefits he/she gets from selling crack to the addict. Well these men scout for women who enjoy sex and the fringe benefits that comes with giving it up, needless to say not all women gave it up just for its fringe benefits. Before long, sex  becomes commonplace thus prompting more women to be more insecure and give it up earlier for fear of losing their men to the free-giver out there (kudos to those women who stand their ground). 
[My point here is that sex has become like ur GSM recharge card...u want it, but u can equally do without it. Sometimes u get it when u want, sometimes u don't. Sometimes u have to spend money to get it, sometimes u get it for free, and it just so happens that some pple just never learned how to turn down some free gifts...]

Next comes the one-nite-standers. Both men and women alike have come to think of it as "oohh something exciting, crazy, adventurous" and then when prompted with the reality of their actions afterwards wanna blame the drinks they had...well **newsflash** if the drinks make u act a fool, put it down silly. Those excitements or adventures watever u wanna call it do not exist in a vaccuum, they are part of and affect your reality. Need I say more??? ...So moving on from the one-nite-standers to the Friends With Benefits...my take on the friends with benefits like I told Buttercup is that it is a big commitment spoiler, to the guy, he is just ur "friend" and he don't owe u no sexual commitment, he can sleep wit u today and sleep with another 3 hrs after...ain't nothing wrong with that right? Well the sad thing is that they are just setting themselves up not to honor commitments, so when they eventually get into a  relationship, they can't see why they should be with only one partner. The fact that they now carry the title boyfriend and girlfriend shud not make a difference now...ha. 

My last point b4 I wrap this up is that of emotions. Every now and then you here talk about how men are emotionless sex mongers and all that. Of course that is not true, but I'll tell you why I think people say that. First there is this notion for women about not dating a friend and then there is another notion for men that once you are in the friend zone it's a wrap, no action 4 u..blah blah blah. This would then mean that they date non-friends??? Maybe that wud explain the lack of emotional integrity in relationships that eventually lead to cheating. I am not saying go and start dating all ur friends ooo...but while keeping your old friendships make new "friendships" and try picking ur relationships from ur genuine friendships. Often times people tend to date a person and then try to make create friendships, mind you nothing is wrong with that, but lets also try making friendships and making a relationship out of those friendships. I believe it could go a long way in throwing more emotions in relationships and hopefully some more faithfulness cos [true friends don't hurt each other...at least not intentionally...]

ps: I hope I was not ranting too much sha. I wud also love to hear from the ladies on why women cheat (we all know they do..lol). Guys let me know if I missed anything...


Sunday, September 14, 2008


Ok I never wud have thought I wud come to really like naija songs the way I do right now, but trust me there is something about living abroad (particularly the western world) that makes you miss it so dearly. Generally I have come to love my country more and more every second I spend away from it but that is not wat this post is about so I'll save that for another time.

Anyways for a while now one particular naija song has been stuck in my head, its Frank D'Nero's Cure My Crase, I even formulated a dance for it oo...u don't even want to see it. To me the music (beat) is very simple and nice, the lyrics are somewhat "romantic" for lack of a better word to use in describing it right now. BTW It seems these days naija women are gettin' the hots for men who can throw in a few raps in pidgin but still know their english sha....I can't even count the number of friends who say their favorite part of the nollywood movie "Letters To A Stranger" is the part where some dude in the movie switches from english to pidgin and back to english while yarning Genevive his church mind about how he feels about her. For instant replay effects, I will type the excerpts as said in the movie for those who have not seen the movie:

"That's the thing with us writers u know we are so good with words that most of the time we just plainly forget to speak...

From that first day when me and u speak for phone, I send you die
And as I dey here so, I still they send you pieces

But now its different, It's a lot deeper..."

Gosh, I'm so jobless and silly...See as I jumped from talking about a song to a movie...

Anyways back to curing my crase...I can just imagine one of them R &B crooners like Usher singing a similar song and having the ladies screaming and ish. So ladies please lend the song ur ears and more if possible...I actually even tried to draft some Usher style lyrics, and the original naija version still won..lol...but sorry I ain't even gonna put that up here, plus I am tired of writing. I actually had to sit, listen to the song and type out the lyrics of the song b4 writing this blob. Before I start yarning too much twa twa (nonsense) I am signing out of this place jo.

U've officially been splashed...lol

ciao people

The Remix with Timaya is also very nice
[By the way, I made up some words/slang for the things I did not quite catch from the song]

I woke up this morning
I woke up this morning
I woke up this morning this morning this morning

[verse 1]
I woke this morning with a smile on my face
See this smile mehn I no wan erase
Everybody see me dem say I dey crase
but dem no know say true true I don crase
The previous nite mehn I know wat I face
every technicality wey she give me I lace
Even gonomi wey she give me I taste
O boi see sweetie, this one na face 2 face

You must to cure my crase
If you run, me and u we go race
Then I take you back home to my place
So me and u just go dey play

You must to cure my crase
If you run, me and u we go race
Then I take you back home to my place

[verse 2]
You see this girl you put a smile on my face
na wetin u wey do me see I dey shake
I say I want u pass the national cake
Abi u no know say na true true no be fake
I dey jonesing jones like say I don pake
my personality dem say na psychia-less
u hold my remote and when u pause me I dey stay
u go cure my crase I say today na today


[verse 3]
[Story Story oo] You see this girl I say your time e don reach
[Story Story oo] The point wey e be say this ur o kpo go finish
[Story Story oo] But the move wey you move dey make my body to dey move
[Story Story oo] Girl I no know wetin na wetin wey u dey do
u got me on a cruise, on a very high place
u dey show urself every time and place
The captain of my team, my player of the day
u go cure my crase I say today na today [u must to cure my craseeeeeee]


I say na wetin u do me ooo
wey dey make me the off and crase for you like this
baby, my head dey turn around around ooo
u dey do me like say if u leave me I go die eeehh


Cure My Crase - Frank DNero

Monday, September 8, 2008


Ok well I got mentioned in Chari's random collections 3 post, and I was told me I had to do this meme thing sometime so here it is...rather interesting I must say...

Here are the Rules:

1. Put Your Zune/Ipod/iTunes/music player on Shuffle

2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.


After you’ve answered all of the questions, tag 5 other people and then let them know they’ve been tagged to do the meme themselves!


"It's the GAME" - The Game....lol!


I Pimp - Rukus...hehe..totally not me tho!


After the Sunrise - Yanni...I don't know what to say jo


Booty Man - Craig David...hahahaha 1 2 unbuckle ma shoes...lol :-?


Success (feat Nas) - Jay-Z....now that's correct :-)


Outta My System (feat. T-Pain)- Bow Wow...actually it's more the opposite of that


Just Be A Man About It - Toni Braxton...????? It beats me oo


Bittersweet - Kanye West...for why now?

WHAT IS 2+2?

Warrior - Lloyd Banks...ah Mr. Abati wud just make war with me and his cane...lol


Gold Digger - Kanye West...haha the boy too like money sha.. $-)


I ain't the One - Tyrese....yeah I ain't the one to trick on you


Lady - Fela Anikulapo Kuti ....hahaha more like gentleman


Rock Star (feat. Devin The Dude) - Chamillionaire... Rock kini??


Sijioni - Dare Art Alade..For all ye non-swahili speakers that means emm??? It's a love song jo


Wonderful - Bubba Sparxx ...oh yes :D


Chanson D'Enfance - Sarah Brightman...too Opera-ish ooo


See it in my eyes - Chamillionaire....well they'll be closed


I'm Still Around - Jah Cure...what can I say? I tire oo


Tonight Will Be Forever - Sanchez...We can keep that secret for a long time babe...lol


Grow Proper - I Wayne...well maybe some of them need to grow up small sha...lol


Say It - Rihanna

I must say this is really interesting.. with that been said, I hereby tag Temite, Miz-Cynic, Differentnaijaspec, Lusciousron ! Welcome pple...now get to the meme-ing...lol

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Heaven's Here On Earth

In my search for answers to rid me of my blogger's block, I decided to relax, and sort the comfort of my eclectic collection of music. With my itunes playlist on shuffle, eyes closed, and six-flag stuffed superman's "S" thingy beneath my head, I lay down in the living room and enjoyed the music that came out of my laptop speakers. Moments into my relaxation, a song by Tracy Chapman (Heaven's Here On Earth) played, and in the calm and serenity of my thoughts I savored the lyrics. The message in the song is plain and simple, thoughts not too foreign to me, but I will spare you any explanation or analysis of the song and allow you enjoy it for yourself. I have pasted the lyrics below...



You can look to the stars in search of the answers
Look for God and life on distant planets
Have your faith in the ever after
While each of us holds inside the map to the labyrinth
And heavens here on earth

We are the spirit the collective conscience
We create the pain and the suffering and the beauty in this world

Heavens here on earth
In our faith in humankind
In our respect for what is earthly
In our unfaltering belief in peace and love and understanding

I've seen and met angels wearing the disguise
Of ordinary people leading ordinary lives
Filled with love, compassion, forgiveness and sacrifice

Heavens in our hearts
In our faith in humankind
In our respect for what is earthly
In our unfaltering belief in peace and love and understanding

Look around
Believe in what you see
The kingdom is at hand
The promised land is at your feet
We can and will become what we aspire to be

If heavens here on earth
If we have faith in humankind
And respect for what is earthly
And an unfaltering belief that truth is divinity
And heavens here on earth

I've seen spirits
I've met angels
I've touched creations beautiful and wondrous
I've been places where I question all I think I know
But I believe, I believe, I believe this could be heaven
We are born inside the gates with the power to create life
And to take it away
The world is our temple
The world is our church
Heavens here on earth

If we have faith in humankind
And respect for what is earthly
And an unfaltering belief
In peace and love and understanding
This could be heaven here on earth
Heavens in our heart


Saturday, September 6, 2008

HELP!!! (thoughts running through my head)

This is happening rather too soon, but it appears I have hit what Chari calls bloggers block. The funny thing is that I have so much to say(well not too much sha, but I have stuff to say.) I have tried to filter my thoughts and focus on one thing at a time but something always re-triggers the thoughts in my head. I need the help of all ye experienced bloggers, how do you all deal with this problem if you ever have them???

All suggestions are welcome.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Much Ado About Nollywood?

Up until the past few days, I have not been a big fan of nollywood, yes I said it. I did however enjoy some of the soap operas of the '90s and a few flicks here and there. Yet still somewhere in the fabrics of nollywood I found complacency, mediocrity and somewhat of a disregard for the viewers amongst over misgivings, and I disliked it. Slowly but surely I became a non-viewer, and then the occultic phase of nollywood started, the malapropisms increased and it was a done deal for me, I quit (something I don't do often...lol.)

Not long after I stopped watching nollywood movies, I left naija, and the disregard grew even larger, partly because I got to realize that non-Africans (Ghanaians in particular) loved them, especially the absurdity of its rituals. When I pried to find out what they truly loved about it, I found out they loved its wrongs (kind of like what you see when u watch West African Idol and see the naija Michael Jacksons...lol) - Yes, you are entertained but you know it was a bad performance. I gave them a second chance, and now I could predict the entire movie after only 5 - 10 mins. The performance had not really improved and so I went back into nollywood recession. I honestly did want to see improvement in the industry but it hurt to see mediocrity pass for Nigerian production. Of course in dialogs with friends about this subject we always talked about lack of infrastructure and financing issues, but these factors should not necessarily have affected the acting. I wondered if the actors and actresses had rehearsal sessions, or if there was any screening sessions or directors review.

Anyways, it appears 5 years is enough time for things to change in nollywood, as they say: "time changes yesterday." My point is that nollywood has gotten better, the infrastructure is still not where it needs to be yet, but I can say that directing and acting has improved. I say this after recently seeing only two productions - one soap opera (SuperStory :-)) and a movie (Caught in the Middle). SuperStory did have a good story, good acting. Caught in the Middle kinda blew me away for a naija movie because I did not expect much, but the story was great (especially in our society 2day), the casting was amazing (R.M.D and Dakore are so amazing), the soundstrack was good, the directing was good, even the ending credits was good. I was impressed...I am still impressed. I know it might seem like I abandoned nollywood and now I am coming back when things are getting better, but the truth is I criticized them when they were, in my opinion doing wrong (the same way a mother would scold an unruly child), and now they get credit for improvement. They are not there yet, but they are making progress.

That's my spill on nollywood for 2day.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

My 1st Blog post

So I am finally here, thanks Buttercup for getting me on here, I didn't really think I was gonna do it but Here I Stand!!! Somehow I think you knew that by showing my all those blogs and talking about them would tempt me to start mine, and tempt me they did. Now that I am here, I don't even know what my blog is going to be about, but hopefully it would light a candle in the lives of my readers. Well, as a neophyte here, I am about out of anything to say, so I'm gonna sign out.

PS: Yay! I'm excited to be here.....thnx Buttercup...