Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sarah Palin is a Bitch… there I said it.

[Warning: The title of this article is a restatement of article which I link to, it is not my exct sentiments towards Sarah Palin, "Bitch" does not score a ranking my vocabulary, because of my ingrained respect for women. I use this title only because another elderly woman used it in her description of Mrs. Palin and it struck a chord, is this really what people think of her? So please do not take offense by the title. Thank you]

Hey guys I know I have been MIA for a while now, but I apologize, I've just been caught up in a bunch of things. Anyways I'm still a lil busy but I decided to just drop something for u guys to whet ur reading appetites with.

I have been intently (Ok I lie, it has been getting too annoying to follow intently, but sha I have been following it) following the United States Presidential race and boy do I have stuff to say about that, but campaigns aside the presidential, vice presidential debates and interviews have been big time spotlight stealers..lol. And amongst these events, Sarah Palin has been the spotlight queen. She came into this race with spotlight all over her, she even overshadowed McCain at some point sef, anyways that died down and then the McCain camp realized they had made such a political blunder hence they decided to shield this woman from the press, but y'all know how beauty queens can be, (she was one) they itch for the spotlight, so when she got her chance with an interview with Katie Couric (One of the top 50 most powerful women in America) she took it, the result??? Pandora's Box -- she displayed her incompetence and daftness to the world, don't take my word for it, just look it up on Saturday Night Live (SNL) it is as accurate as the actual interview, at some point even word for word answers. Her performance at the Vice Presidential debates was no better, I call it a case of adaptive stupidity. After the Katie Couric interview she figured she could not answer questions posed to her so at the debates she just decided to ask herself her own questions and answer them using the soundbites her advisers and 3rd grade students from Alaska had fed her with in the debate prep. It surprises me that people actual had the nerve to say she did good, gosh it was like asking someone 2 multiplied by 2 and the person responds correctly to 1+1+1, that clearly shows incompetence at understanding a problem and how can one perform when they don't understand their responsibilities???? You can check that one out on SNL as well. She is slowly destroying the perception of the competence of women worldwide now, she needs to be stopped. Haba, the Republicans have finally succeeded in making George Bush look smart. As Diddy would say, this is a complete case of Bitchassness..lol

I have written more than I intended to, anyways you just check this link out: SARAH PALIN'S BITCHASSNESS