Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weeekend exeperience/Baby Shower Goof :)

Just when I thought my weekend was no fun, this happened!!!

So it's the final day of the weekend or the beginning of a new week for some, but regardless of all that, today I had the chance to smile and even blush sef...yes I was turning red in the face :) Anyways here is my story:

Today I woke up, feeling rather lazy and tired. I had had a long night (insomnia is a b**ch) so I woke up late, say about 12:30pm. Anyways I was doing my morning routine on my PC when Buttercup buzzed me on my IM, we got to chatting, a lot of meaningful somethings and meaningless nothings (actually I think there were more meaningful somethings....anyways I digress). I don't know whether B'cup has some random msg magnet on facebook, but she got another one of those msgs, but this time from some1 I know all too well, can u imagine? I'm so gonna brush that boy when next I see him, how dare he. I would have sworn before this incident that I would not know anyone that would do such, but I guess I am wrong.

This is what the idiot sent B'cup

"U gat d sexiest lips i hv eva sin.wanna get 2 knw u."

Can u pple imagine? Anyways, we continued chatting, then B'Cup asked how my weekend was, I told her I was dulling, but that I just got word from my bro that a friend was having a birthday party and another was having a baby shower so we would be attending both. B'Cup dear why didn't u catch that -- Baby Shower -- that na all women affair ooo, Im mad at you for don't know why my brain did not pick it up too, I guess I was too tired to think.

Anyways my bro got word of this baby shower from another guy friend who had received the invite, so it all seemed normal, although I was wondering why we did not get the invite too. My bro and I got ready and drove to the venue. When we arrived, we looked for the cars of our other guy friends but we did not see any, that was when it started ringing in our, we spotted the car of a female friend, so we decided to call her just to confirm what was going on. We told her we heard from the grapevine that something was going on, and that we were in front of the house and all. She immediately came out and beckoned us in, only for us to get in, and have the host annouce to a house full of women that they had male guest visitors/crashers referring to me and my bro...chei...I wanted the ground to just swallow me, I was blushing so hard my cheeks were hurting. We just stood by the corner trying to make sure our presence was not felt, they offered us cake and soda, we did a quick number on the cake and just quietly exited the event...phew...but not before they took pictures of us as evidence that we crashed their

As soon as we exited, we called this friend that told us about the shower, and told him our experience, we shared a good laugh, he had also been contemplating coming, but his wifey was too tired to make it, he was so lucky, he would have been just as embarassed as we were. Anyways, he re-read the invitation again, and it so happened that the invitation though sent to this our guy friend was meant for his newly wedded wife, since the organizers did not have her email address.

So that is my story oo...funny but definitely made my weekend :)


PS: The whole thing got me thinking sha, why are Baby Showers all women affairs sef, me too I love children now....wetin...I think this issue needs to be revisited oo, I know we did not bear all the 9months but we love the babies regardless...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mere Coincidence...stalker in

There are coincidences and there are coincidences. Today I had the most absurd of coincidences. I was chatting with a friend of mine (Parakeet) whom I actually met on blogville and whose conversations either inspire my posts on blogville or give me ideas of what to write..yay, while we were chatting, she stated with a rather puzzled uncertainty that my yahoo ID had showed up as [myyahooID01]...(u weren't really expecting me to reveal that here, were u? still has commercial Well I thought the remark was absurd given that we've been chatting for months using the yahoo ID in question, nonetheless I simply responded in the affirmative that it was indeed my ID. The next IM was a shocker, she revealed that she has another email ID very similar to mine - [myyahooID]. It might not be apparent to you, but the only difference in our IDs were the last two characters. weird huh?

It did not just end there dear Parakeet went on to tell me that when she actually noticed the similarity about a month ago, she taught it was a stalker and it creeped her much so that she did not even know how to raise the topic. I guess she should be thanking God that I'm no maybe I should have played along with the stalker wud have been pretty hilarious (albeit mean.:))

Anyways that is my story for today, I thought it wud be fun to share with blogville since we first met here on blogville...Im sure Parakeet can tell the story much better since more of the reactions to this discovery was from her end...with that been said, y'all shud urge Parakeet to tell this story from her perspective...:)